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Whether your goal is to find your dream holiday home, or take advantage of the enormous investment property opportunity in America, there is no better time or place than in Florida, and Orlando property offers some of the best investment potential of any other location.

Orlando is centrally located in the heart of Florida. With a fantastic location and immediate access to the major interstates, it is simple and quick to travel to the International Airports, World Class Beaches, and Famous Attractions.


Situated about 40 miles inland, property in Orlando has quick access to the beautiful beaches located on the East, and West coasts of the Sunshine State. Along with the short drive to the Ocean, other major attractions such as The Kennedy Space Centre are only a 45-minute car ride away!

Florida is filled with gorgeous conservation land and natural waterways for the outdoors fan. Whether you enjoy fishing, canoeing, camping, hiking, or just appreciating the sunshine, you cannot find a better place to enjoy all of the above. If you are more of a relaxation and Holiday Fan, accessing the several ports such as Port Canaveral and Tampa Bay Port is easy and fast from Orlando.


Along with the prime location, Orlando property will enjoy near perfect weather year round! During the summer, average temperatures range from a lows around 21 degrees Celsius to average highs around 35 degrees Celsius. The sub-tropical climate lends itself to some fantastic outdoor activities.

Perhaps the most famous draw for property in Orlando is Walt Disney World. There are very few places on this earth that are so universally known and held to such a unique and high standard, and with Walt Disney World being one of them it is no surprise that Orlando has become The Worlds #1 Tourist Destination. Although Walt Disney World is the primary attraction that began the tourist sensation in Central Florida, Orlando is home to other world-famous attractions such as Universal Studios Resort, Sea World, Lego Land, I-Drive Live and much more!

With all of the tremendous offerings Orlando has, the population and demand for property has continued to rise. The consistent desire for beautiful weather, employment opportunity and rest & relaxation results in a steady increase in property value on a yearly basis. Although the world wide housing crisis a few years ago caused some disturbances in home values, the property market in Central Florida and Orlando today has a continual demand and healthy outlook.


The property market is showing massive signs of recovery, meaning economists are predicting an increase in prices is on the horizon. That means the time to take advantage of the buyers market is now, before it disappears.


The value offered in Orlando property is one of the best in the world. Investors from every corner of the globe are desperately trying to acquire as many properties at the suppressed prices before natural economics causes homes values to rise even further. With the growing population and substantial rental demand, investors are cashing-in on the high rental income returns and yearly capital growth on their properties.

There is no better time to invest in Orlando property than now, the bottom of the market has been reached and for multiple months in a row the property values have been on a steady climb upwards. Confidence has returned not just to the local buyers market in Orlando but also to the banks and financial institutions as well allowing a healthy and steadily climbing property market to return!