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After Sales

We understand that one of the most important parts of a sale is a structured aftersales process. We don’t want our aftersales to be an afterthought and we believe that our customers are just as important to us after a sale as they are before. We know that the post-sale process is equally as valuable as any other part of the purchasing process, which is why we have our own dedicated aftersales team who are available post-purchase to offer you advice and assistance relating to your new property.


As a successful company, we are aware that the key to that success are our customers, and this means that we want to work hard to create a valuable and lasting relationship with you. We value each of our customers and we hope that our dedication and determination show through when we are working with you to find your perfect Portuguese property.

Whether you choose to purchase a home with us or not you will have the opportunity to work with exceptional companies who will offer you valuable advice relating to mortgages, the legalities of buying a property and the management of that property.

The aftercare service we offer is straightforward. We can work as closely with you as you want, to discuss updates or concerns you may have and liaise with the companies you are working with or we can sit in the background until you need us.

If you have purchased a new build then we are excited to be able to send you fortnightly video updates of the construction of your property. When it comes time for you to need the assistance of an interior designer, accountant or currency advisor we will be happy to recommend trusted and professional companies to you.

Everything that we do post-purchase is to ensure that we are able to maintain a successful relationship with our clients which is very important to us. So whether you are a retired couple looking for your Portuguese paradise or an investor looking for an excellent investment in a beautiful country, we are proud to help you every step of the way.