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About us

The International Homes Group (IHG) was launched in 2011 with its first offices in Orlando, Florida followed by London, Spain’s Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.

Its owners are British, Irish and American nationals with over 20 years experience in the industry, selling a combined $4 billion in real estate to 18,000 clients worldwide over the last 20 years. Very few companies or agents can compare and this sets us apart from those selling homes abroad.

IHG was born as the USA property market was still in a state of recovery from the aftermath of the world economic crisis. As our team solely consists of seasoned overseas real estate professionals, we have come to understand the mistakes made by all the larger agents during this time. It spurred us on to create a company that is founded on professionalism, trust, customer service and above all, security. With our American operation going from strength to strength and growing every month for the last 24 plus months, it was always part of our strategy to open in many other countries and offer our experience and services. Spain was an easy option for quick expansion due to our experience in the region and relationships with developers, banks & property management companies. Seeing the massive demand for holiday homes in Spain at many of our property exhibitions over the last 12 months made it an easy decision to make. Once we completed our 6 months due diligence of extensive research and many visits to Spain, we decided that the Cost Blanca and Costa del Sol were the right places to open our offices. The property market along the Costas has being doing tremendously well over the last 18 months with a strong flow of clients from Scandinavian countries buying thousands or properties on the coast and inland. British and Irish interest is now again at an all high time high for the first time in over 7 years and having seen the beaches, local towns thriving again, stunning golf resorts and the general way of life, this is of no surprise to us here at the International Homes Group. We believe that the product old and new on offer from a quality and price point is second to none anywhere else within Spain at the moment and will be well ahead of other popular areas in Spain for overseas buyers. Don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself what is happening here!

Our due diligence is second to none; with off-plan property we only deal with the very best developers who have vast liquidity available and ensure our cast iron contracts are in place with them to ensure all our clients funds are protected and that the contract commitment entered into is fulfilled. Not only do we showcase the best new product from top developers, but we also have an unrivalled selection of resale’s often on an exclusive basis. Our owners and many of our staff have worked in both booming economic conditions & horrific economic conditions. There isn’t anything our staff haven’t experienced or witnessed in over 20 years working in overseas property and this experience is what we feel separate’s us from 99% of other agents promoting and selling properties overseas. Property markets historically go up and down over periods of time, so knowing the right time to buy, the right location and the right type of property is key, not to mention always having an exit plan or key strategy on how to make your property abroad work for you personally as either holiday home purchase or some form of investment whether its looking to benefit from renting it out or possibly looking to sell it at some stage further down the line.

Dealing with the best means the products we offer are also the best. From the quality of materials to the well-thought-out construction and layout, your happiness in a new home can often come down to the small details that a lesser developer with no brand to protect might have scrimped on. Every country that appeals to an overseas buyer has different types of developers with various types of product to offer; some are of course new and some have been building for years through the good and the bad times. This is where we tend to be selective on behalf of our clients as the bottom line and end goal is ensuring always our clients have a positive experience when purchasing abroad.


How we work

At IHG our business model is selling overseas property to a large number of UK/Irish clients. It is what we know, what we have done for over 20 years and understand better than anyone else within the industry.  As such a majority of clients view our properties on one of our pre-packaged Inspection Trips. These are short, 3/4-day trips organized with the intention of allowing our clients a chance to view a group of properties they are interested in purchasing, as well as getting a good feel for the area. These are indeed business trips, but rest assured they are not high pressure and purely designed for any client who is in a financial position to buy a property abroad. There is no obligation to purchase and not every client will buy, but every client will agreed that these trips are the only way you can truly make an informed choice whether buying abroad is for you or not. These trips are not just about viewing a phenomenal portfolio of properties old and new, but also a chance for our clients to inspect local areas, local cuisine, local beaches, local golf courses, meet independent lawyers, Notaries, open bank accounts, meet property management companies, have mortgage presentations with large local banks offering overseas 70% mortgages, inspect furniture packages and above all else enjoy the experience of the possibilities of living and owning abroad. Alternatively if already on holiday in the area, we are delighted to spend a morning or afternoon giving you a quick look at the possibilities of buying abroad. Our most recent survey to thousands of holiday home owners show 92% were of the opinion the only and most effective way to buy a property abroad and get business done was on a tailor made business inspection trip. As always, the choice is yours and we welcome it either way.


Experience and knowledge

Our local teams are heavily trained to focus on every detail of the properties we market. A majority of our clients are from the UK and Ireland, and as such only have a brief time to view a property while on a viewing trip. It is the agents on the ground that must ensure they know every detail of a development and property, ensuring it’s perfectly suitable to the needs of a client.



Our clients feel safe in the knowledge they are dealing with a large, international organization but with all the advantages of a local agent. Our local office teams are from the area, knowing it well and are perfectly suited to give the best recommendations on pinpointing the best locations for our clients. The reason we opened an office in London was to also give our UK clients the piece of mind that we are on hand not just abroad but at home to serve our clients at all times. Whether its buying a holiday home for you and your family, a pure investment property with healthy returns or a brand new off plan development property, IHG makes sure you are provided with, and shown, all options available to you and that the completion process is an enjoyable one from start to finish.


The Long-Term 

Our ultimate aim as a company is to forge a relationship with our customers that will last for years and see you feel confident to not just do more business with us but to also refer friends and family. A successful business is only as good as its client base and having a large percentage of that base made up of referrals is critical. We view referrals as a key performance benchmark of how we are operating as a business even as we are now expanding so rapidly.


Whether we you visit us via one of our property Business Trip, make an appointment to meet at one of our offices, our would even like us to visit you at your hotel/resort accommodation, the team here at IHG looks forward to welcoming you to any of our regions very soon!





Aftersales is often a word used by many companies to entice clients to do business with them based on many promises after the purchase takes place, but what most regularly happens is clients find that once their purchase is completed and the agent is paid, that after-sales is nothing but a term used to indeed help the original sales process take place.

Here at IHG, we take a completely different view of how after-sales works from other companies and have set up our own after sales department in such a way that it is a win-win for both the client and our company.

For IHG, its not just about the original sale coming to completion and then moving on, its about working with our client base and ensuring that they do business with us for years to come. IHG clients buy on average 2.4 properties every 24 months through our company, especially investor clients who on average buy another unit within 5 months of the first purchase. Those statistics are a testament to how we look after our clients long after their first purchase. We also have a 37% referral rate which means for every ten IHG buyers, there are almost 4 new sales generated to friends, families and co-workers.

This isn’t a new phenomenon for our company, its something we purposely set out to achieve since we started operating nearly 5 years ago. Because of the experience in the real estate market of the multiple owners and their contacts, our clients whether they buy or not will always meet the best title companies, the best mortgage companies, the best visa specialists and indeed the most productive management companies here in Florida. IHG makes the introduction to these companies and then helps manage those relationships over time and will only work with 3rd party companies who have the same morals and work ethics that our company has.

An example of how our After Sales service works for a typical IHG client is that from day one we manage the entire process as hands on – or hands off as our client wants. We liaise with all companies our clients have entered into contracts with, we speak to our clients once each week with updates on their properties. Where a client has bought a new build off-plan property, we twice per month send video footage of the progress the developer has made on their home. IHG works also with furniture companies, interior design companies and multiple currency companies, not to mention a large accountancy firm who will take care of all yearly tax payments and tax returns for our clients and their properties.

Everything IHG does once our clients purchase a home, is built on creating a long term relationship with each and every one of our clients which in turn leads to our reputation being enhanced – not to mention many more years of business with the same clients and indeed many referrals from our happy client base. Once you become an owner of a property with IHG, it is the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship and one we have every intention of having for many years to come.